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We meet at 10am at the SP2479 locomotive restoration site in the double wide trailer.

Date: First Saturday of each month.

Time: 10am

2479 Healy Avenue
San Jose, California

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2479 Progress Update - September 23, 2006
Completed gouging out of cracks around number 2 driver pedestal liners.   Each liner, on the shoe and wedge side, had extensive cracks.

Removed two rigid staybolts on fireman's side of firebox in area to be pad welded.   Threads on the wrapper sheet were slightly damaged during process.

Wednesday crew continued to rearrange pallets of bricks.  About 45 pallets of brick have now been repositioned to allow easier grass (weed) cutting.  Some pallets have rotted away.  As these pallets are encountered bricks are being transferred to new pallets.

Preventative maintenance performed on forklift and lawn tractor.  Small cracks were found on a part of the lawn tractor.  Part has been removed for welding.

Attempted to perform final cut on a wedge.  Found during cutting process that out Bridgeport would not perform a flat cut.  The mill does not seem to like heavy loads on the table.  Next attempt will be on the shaper planner in the outside machine shop.

Biggest news was the "disappearance" of about 2/3 of the huge pile of dirt.
Steam Gauges for the 1215

Photos of the steam gauges for the 1215 have been uploaded into the photo gallery.

Here's the description from Hugh Crawford:

ImageThese gauges, as you see, are "double spring" meaning there are 2 Bourdon tubes linked together mechanically.  These are more accurate gauges.
Here's what's been done so far:
Disassemble and clean - they were packed full of mud dauber mud.
Bead blast the cases and paint with high heat engine enamel.
Both linkages with hair springs were ultrasonically cleaned.  One spring was straightened and reattached to the shaft and the shaft was straightened. - This was done by a Swiss trained jeweler.
Strip and polish the brass rings to secure the glass.
Ordered tempered glass
ImageNeed to do:
Paint faces, install glass and needles, dead weight test through their operating range.
Any comments are welcome.  I'm learning on this one.
Thanks to Al Paolo at CSRM for his advise and help straightening the dented face.  Leonard for his gauge restoration and face painting advise. 
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