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Status - January 19, 2015

John Ezovski

2014 ended with off with work continuing on both the piston and boxcar.

Another 40 inches of box car roof has been repaired.  By trial and error, a process has been developed which is yielding good results.  It will be late spring before the entire roof is repaired.  The filler, Evercoat, is rather nice to work with.  I have located another online source offering the material at a slightly lower cost.  It looks like at least two more gallons of material will be required.

Machining of the piston is a completely different story.  There have been issues with every step.  The tool holder has finally been finished.  The issue now is mounting the piston on the King.  Maybe next week the mounting issue will be resolved.


2015 started off with a productive work session.

The first cut was taken in one shoulder of a piston ring.  There are a total of six shoulders in each piston requiring work.  Each step is a learning process.

Some pad welding was completed on the roof sheet of the firebox.  This area is getting close to meeting minimum thickness requirements.

80 more inches of box car roof has been repaired.  Repair of another 40 inch segment has begun.  A second gallon of filler material has been ordered and should be available mid week.  A long way to go before roof repairs are complete.

Thanks to John Zielinski for maintaining our various gasoline powered machines.  Without his help, this equipment would be neglected.

Organization of the peg board in the main container appears to be complete. Lots of work has been done here.

OSH Boxcar Doors

The park side door is beginning to move more freely.  Until recently it would take two people or one person with a crow bar to get the door open or closed.

Unless there are two or three people with some heavy tools, do not attempt to open the street side door.  The door is now securely closed with its wedge hammered into place.  From what I could see, neither of the door's wheels is making contact with the associated track.  This door is going to need some work if it is to be used in the future.


Machining of the piston ring slots is on going.  As with most machining tasks, nearly all of the effort is in the setup.  A number of frustrating hours has been spent getting two of the three ring slots in one piston cleaned up.  In order to clean up the third slot, the piston had to be inverted which requires a complete new setup.  With some luck, the third slot could be finished next week.  This image is of the surface of the piston being machined flat prior to inverting the piston.

Repairs to the boxcar's roof are moving along.  Yesterday, repairs to the last two roof sections on the park side of the car were completed.  All that remains is to apply a protective coat of paint. This coming week, the work platform will be moved to the Senter Road side of the car so that repairs can begin on that side.  There is two to three more months of roof work remaining.


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