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Looking Back - 2015

At times, it has seemed to me that we have not accomplished much during this past year.  I'm very wrong.  With the small but dedicated crew, a lot has been done.


  • Pad welded three large waste areas on fireman's side of firebox wrapper sheet.  These areas now exceed minimum Form 4 calculations.
  • Ground out, welded approximately 60 small cracks in piston ring groove walls.
  • Machined piston ring grooves.
  • Piston and valve rods chromed, ground and polished.
  • New valve bushing machined and installed.
  • Remove, clean and paint 2479's main and side rods.  Reinstall rods.


  • Clean and paint 1215's running gear.

GE Loco

  • Build three 30 foot panels of track to receive GE loco from Leigh-Hanson
  • Position GE loco at fairgrounds site.  Secure all doors.

OSH Boxcar

  • Finished repairs to OSH boxcar roof.
  • Replace damaged lower sill on two of three corners of OSH boxcar.

Herder's Shed

  • Strip away many layers of paint from shed's exterior.  Begin priming sections.

Most of the preceding tasks have take weeks in planning and many more weeks to accomplish.

Thanks to all that have participated.  Even a few hours a month has contributed to a year of success.

Will 2016 be the year that 2479 makes steam?

Happy New Year to all.

John E.


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