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Status - May 25, 2013

John Ezovski

Machining of rod bushings continues. Driver #2's bushing for the side rod is coming along.  All that remains of the work on the Le Blond is finishing of the bushing's flange end.  Once that work is complete, the bushing will be moved to the restoration site and grease holes will be located and drilled.  Lots of work here.

Today the right front side rod was test fit.  On initial attempt at mounting the rod, number one driver pin would not accept the rod.  This was expected.

During the week, the bushing was pressed into place and the inside diameter of the bushing measured.  The inside diameter of the bushing shrunk a considerable amount.  Dimensions of the pin were checked.  It was doubtful at the time that the pin would accept the rod.

The bushing was pushed out, machined and pressed back into place.  Rod slid onto pin, as it should, with minimal effort.


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