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SP2479 - June 1

John Ezovski

Lots of rod bushing work. By far the most significant completed task was locating 21 grease holes in the bushing for the right side's front side rod main pin or R2.

All of the main pin bushings float on the pin and in the rod. Grease is injected threw the middle of the pin and out threw several grease passages in the pin to surface of the pin. This grease then passes threw these holes to lubricate the area between the rod and the bushing. These grease passages are laid out in a precise manner which allows for grease to be dispersed to the entire area between the pin and the bushing.

Work on the bushing for the right side's front side rod number 1 driver pin or R1 was completed. The final piece, a ring which prevents the bushing from being pressed out of the rod during operation, was pressed into place.

Next bushing to be cut will be for the right rear side rod for number 3 driver pin or R3. The blank was mounted in the Le Blond lathe at the trolley barn. Machining of this bushing will begin this coming week.

There is much work to be performed on the cab. All surfaces require cleaning and painting and is on going. Several small areas of the "rain gutters" over the cab windows are in need of significant help. Those repairs began today.

The absence of rain has reduced growth of grass and weeds, however, the site was looking a bit rough. Lawn mowers were put to work but there is more work here.


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