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SP2479 - June 7

John Ezovski

Rod bushing work is moving forward. The three right side rod bushings are finished. Next week R3 bushing will be pressed into its rod. R2 bushing is a floating bushing. It simply slides into place assuming the driver pins are in the correct position.

The R3 bushing required about 11 hours of machine time. R2 bushing required signficantly more time because of the grease holes. Each hole is precisely located, then drilled followed by chamfering on both sides. Close to 24 hours of work was needed to get the bushing to its finished state.

Repairs to the cab are on going. Presently damaged sections of the "rain gutters" are being carefully cut away. When this work is complete, new material will be welded into place.

Lots of grass cutting and tree pruning. Site looks pretty good.


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