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SP2479 June 15

John Ezovski

The day began by installing the right front side rod. Expectation was not high at being successful. There was no way to predict the position of driver 1 and 2 to each other. The drivers were install with the old bushings in place. Since these old bushings were sloppy on all pins, it was thought that pin position to each other may be slightly off. The rod was pushed into place on the front pin. When it came time to push the main pin's floating bushing into place, all were rather surprised when the bushing slid into place with minimal effort!

Next the R3 bushing was pressed into the rod and the rod installed. The only issue to be resolved is alignment of the knuckle pin's nut to the locking rod grooves, otherwise work on the right side rod set is complete.

Machining of L2 bushing for the left front side rod will begin this week.


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